The Secret to Growth 

As a leader, we are always thinking about growing our business. We need to be spending our precious time on the most important things, but how can you do that? The good (or bad) news is that there are only three ways: look at the tasks you are doing and ELIMINATE, DELEGATE, or AUTOMATE.  

Eliminate – Are you doing things that are unnecessary? Take a critical look at your defined process and see if you can trim some of the fat away. Maybe data is no longer being used. Perhaps this step is no longer needed, or no longer adds value. 

Delegate – Are you doing things that someone else could do? Even if it’s only 80% as well as you could, it’s worth shifting responsibilities and growing your team. Could it be delegated within your team, with a new hire, or even outside your organization? 

Automate – Can technology or machines automate any of the work? Technology advancements are happening every time you turn around. Software or machinery can do repetitive tasks, often with fewer errors, higher quality, and far less waste. 

Typically, eliminating work is not an option. Furthermore, hiring people to delegate tasks to can be nearly impossible. Both of these are especially true in the manufacturing environments, but the good news is that manufacturers today have a unique opportunity to explore automation as a solution to their hiring issues and to fuel their growth. The cost of automation has continued to become more affordable as the capabilities continue to expand. 

We all get the same 24 hours, so if you want to do more with them, these are the three levers you can pull. If you need help with the automation side, give us a call. We’d love to help by taking a look at your operation and identify areas ripe for automation. 

Todd Hendricks Jr.

President, Pioneer Industrial Systems


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