Robot Preventative Maintenance

Industrial robots are designed to withstand harsh environments, often running around the clock, and expected to operate flawlessly. When properly maintained FANUC robots can last years, or decades… yes, decades! Typical life expectancy ranges from 80,000 – 100,000 hours, but not limited to. Preventative maintenance and service is paramount for optimal life expectancy. These critical maintenance measures are typically done annually, unless otherwise noted:

  • Replace test batteries in arm or controller
  • Check for grease/oil leaks
  • Clean robot controller fans of dust and debris
  • Clean sensors, photo eyes, and light curtains
  • Inspect robot dress package, controller cables and connections
  • Inspect teach pendant and cables
  • Inspect riser and substrate mounting bolts
  • Clean robot of any paint chips and debris
  • Inspect robot brake operation
  • Check robot programming repeatability
  • Back up controller memory
  • Replace grease and oil in the J1, J2, and J3 axes reducers and the J4/J5/J6 gearbox every 3 years (or 11520 hrs).


Scheduled maintenance and service does not just extend a robot’s life expectancy. These preventive measures limit robot faults leading to costly downtime, safety risks and potential personnel injury, along with position deviation and repeatability issues. Maintenance and service schedules vary between the top robot manufacturers, such as FANUC, Kuka, ABB, Yaskawa/Motoman, Kawasaki, Nachi, Mitsubishi, Universal, and Epson, to name a few. It is recommended to contact your robot manufacturer directly or through a certified robot integrator. As a preferred FANUC Authorized System Integrator, Pioneer Industrial Systems can help with all your maintenance and service needs. Contact us today!

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