Our team has been working on projects within the tire industry since the 1980s. Through many successful projects, we’ve become the go-to resource for existing equipment and cutting edge development. We’ve done everything from bead loading to creel depalletizing to green tire spraying to white wall painting to conicity striping & high point marking. Our systems can handle bias or radial tires in sizes that range from motorcycle to passenger to commercial truck to agricultural to monster OTR tires.

Our patented technologies are incorporated into countless successful projects that are in all the major tire manufacturers, all around the world.

Tire Industry Case Study

Check out our case studies below that highlight our capabilities within this industry:


RTS1000i PLUS Case Study

See how our precision fluid delivery system was paired with the amazing accuracy and flexibility of robotics.


RTS2000 image

RTS2000i Case Study

See how the precision, accuracy and flexibility of the RTS1000i was upgraded to increase throughput and customer success.


DTS1000i photo

DTS1000i Case Study

See how we simultaneously utilize multiple servo-driven functions to achieve impressive cycle times, while still achieving incredibly accurate spray control.


HTS100i image

HTS100i Case Study

See how we are able to help tire manufacturers fill gaps in their production schedule, with a portable solution to help maintain up-time.



HTS100io Case Study

The same portable solution as the HTS100i with the addition of outside spray capabilities.



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