Founder and CEO Todd Hendricks Sr and President Todd Hendricks Jr from Pioneer Industrial Systems in collaboration with necoTECH of Delaware, Ohio have been invited to showcase the Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) Crack Sealing Module at the AFWERX Airfield Maintenance & Repair Show in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday, August 26.  According to their website “AFWERX is expanding technology, talent, and transition partnerships for rapid and affordable commercial and military capability.”  This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the RMV to key personnel in the Department of Defense.  You can check out the latest on the RMV at RMV.LLC 

 Hot Patch on Demand by NecoTech

“NecoTech is working on a better solution for repairing infrastructure pavement with better execution, performance, and turn-around time. necoTech’s Hot Patch On-Demand (HOTPOD) product, is a system comprised of a portable heating unit used to rapidly heat Hot Mix Asphalt material. Unlike any product on the market today, this quick-ready material is used as a patch repair for asphalt and concrete pavements in all ambient temperatures. HOTPOD provides strong, durable and fast repairs and lowers operating costs for maintenance of critical pavement infrastructure including all airport tarmac surfaces, runways, access roads, and parking lots. Additionally, the proprietary pre-mixed hot patch compound has a nearly unlimited shelf life, that can be quickly deployed, conveniently stored in a small amount of space, and successfully applied in nearly any environmental condition and location.”

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