Also commonly referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the concept behind Industry 4.0 is ultimately a straightforward one. It refers to the ongoing digital transformation in the worlds of manufacturing and production that utilize concepts like the Internet of Things, among others, to generate more value up and down the supply chain than ever before.

But more than that, Industry 4.0 is all about empowering new ways to produce, to optimize, and to capitalize on the types of efficiencies that would have seemed unthinkable even as recently as a decade ago. By bringing together the best in connectivity, intelligence and automation, organizations can re-think their very business models from the ground up. Getting to this point isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require you to keep a few key things in mind.

Harnessing the Power of Industry 4.0: An Overview

Maybe the most important thing to understand about Industry 4.0 is that you’re talking less about any one major adjustment and more about a series of smaller, more strategically oriented ones. They may not seem like much on their own, but when added together they create something far more powerful than they could be in isolation.

When literally every piece of machinery on a factory floor has a sensor embedded inside it that is streaming real-time data, for example, even things like preventative and predictive maintenance become easier than ever. It gives organizational decision-makers the insight they need to address small problems today before they have a chance to become much bigger and more expensive ones down the road.

But more than that, it also allows you to address maintenance-related issues during a time when it is the least disruptive. Rather than waiting for something to break so that you can fix it – which will almost always lead to costly and frustrating periods of downtime – you can prioritize maintenance during periods when such systems can afford to be temporarily offline.

Industry 4.0 also enable employees to do more with less – to work “smarter, not harder”, so to speak. By pulling together accurate and actionable insight from nearly every worker and machine on a factory floor, you have the insight you need to make better and more efficient decisions all the time. You can allocate resources in ways that are not only more efficient, but more cost-effective as well.

This in turn creates a perfect storm in the best possible way. With improved productivity comes improved efficiency – including the ability to make more products faster than ever. Faster batch changeovers become a foregone conclusion. Automated reporting frees up the valuable time of human employees so that they can focus on those matters that truly need their attention.

Even communication becomes exponentially easier, as production lines, processes and even entire departments are finally connected in a way that tears down the silos that used to exist. Knowledge sharing and collaborative working can finally become the true basis for an organization’s competitive advantage, which is and if itself the most important benefit of all for most businesses.

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