Purchasing automation equipment can be a daunting, extensive, and often stressful task. At Pioneer we take the approach of guiding the customer through our sales process to help alleviate those pain points. We want to create the best possible buying experience that resonates with the customer. We are experts in automation and robotics, but also sensitive to the idea that you may not be. We partner with clients who are first time buyers and accomplished automation professionals. Pioneer also understands that your processes are proprietary and often contain sensitive information, and we take the necessary steps to guarantee all parties are protected.

We have a regional sales team that supports our customers and systems both domestic and international. One of our first steps is becoming familiar with your specific industry or niche. Often a client has a problem that they have already identified. There are instances where we are requested to diagnose an existing process and identify areas best suitable for automation. It is ideal for us to see your operation first-hand to better understand the intricacies of your process. Due to the current state of the world, we understand that having outside visitors to your facility is not always the most feasible option. We have adapted to keep both our team and your employees safe by implementing additional measures including virtual meetings and cloud services.

Once a specific task has been identified and all the necessary information has been collected, we get to work. Our sales group includes our innovation team, which streamlines all proposals and are responsible for concept design and construction of your custom quote. We approach our quotes from two methods, budgetary or firm. A budgetary quote is often requested to determine if a project is justifiable, this is a ballpark number and typically used to create a budget for capex. A firm quote requires more time and resources, this is where we hone-in cost and timeline, but this is still a concept at this point. Our quotes are detailed in nature, we feel it is an important step to walk the customer through the proposed concept and general functionality of the machine or system.

We offer preliminary engineering that includes a detailed concept design, 3D simulation, time and reach studies – this option is applied to the overall project cost. Customers typically have a target ROI, we can help you calculate an accurate ROI based on quantitative factors including labor, material, and throughput. A few other important items to keep in mind during your buying process are what is included with your purchase such as: installation, engineering support, service, and spare parts. Our goal is to find a solution that fits within a customer’s realistic budget.

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