Pioneer developed and patented our PFDS to exceed the requirements of tire manufacturers for green tire spraying.  Green tire spraying applies a release agent to the inside of an uncured (“green”) tire to prepare it for the curing process.  When a green tire is placed in the mold it must be pressed from the inside into the details of the outer metal mold.  FYI: These molded details reveal the tread pattern, sidewall lettering, and markings.  The inside pressure is created by a rubber bladder that inflates once the mold is closed.  The green tire spray is designed to lubricate the interface between the bladder and tire.  It is important that the coverage is even and at the specified amount to avoid scrapping tires that did not cure in the correct position due to the bladder grabbing and shifting the tire relative to the mold and decreased bladder life caused by uneven strain during inflation.

In the production environment many different tire sizes are built at the same time.  Having a system that can adjust the spray pattern, fan and atomizing air, spray gun position, and the correct volume for each tire SKU automatically is a boon to productivity.  These are the features the PFDS delivers.  In service the tire enters the system and key dimensions are measured by light curtains.  These dimensions inform the “recipe” to be sprayed and the PFDS adjusts the fan width and material volume accordingly.  To verify the material volume is correct each material is calibrated due to its specific properties, and the results are included in the recipe.

If you are seeking improved spray consistency, increasing bladder life, and reducing material consumption, with an adaptable system, whether that be a manual booth, high speed automatic, or robotic solution contact Pioneer for a consultation.

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