Also commonly referred to as BPA for short, business process automation involves automating certain complicated business tasks using advanced technologies – all to generate consistent, repeatable results that are virtually free from human error. BPA is not about replacing the human workforce, however – far from it. It’s about supporting and empowering those workers so that they’re free to devote their time and effort to those matters that absolutely require their attention. 

Having said that, the major hurdle for many smaller organizations in particular who want to invest in business process automation has historically been the cost. The initial investment in terms of both hardware and software can be far too large for some companies to contend with. Thankfully, a new trend has emerged in the industry that may relieve a lot of that pressure. It’s called automation-as-a-service and it couldn’t have come along at a better time. 

The Future of Automation Has Finally Arrived 

One example of automation-as-a-service in action comes by way of a startup from California called Rapid Robotics. Their solution, the Rapid machine operator, enables organizations to quickly automate many common machine operator tasks – helping them to relieve labor shortages and work more efficiently in general at the exact same time. 

Rapid’s solution comes by way of a six-axis robot that is already programmed with the software it needs to execute a lot of the common jobs that take place on a shop floor. They can participate in pick and place jobs, pad printing and even the inspection of parts, among others. An artificial intelligence-based solution also comes pre-loaded on the equipment that allows it to both navigate around and “understand” its larger environment. 

But the main benefit here is that the solution is already integrated with “no-code software” – meaning that soon after deployment, businesses can begin using it without delay. They don’t have to worry about hiring new employees to control the solution or update and configure it to meet they’re needs. It’s essentially ready to go, allowing them to benefit from the benefits of business process automation at a fraction of the cost it would have required even as recently as a decade ago. 

In a lot of ways, this makes a great deal of sense. Software-as-a-service and even infrastructure-as-a-service have made significant gains over the last ten years, particularly as high-speed Internet connections have become more commonplace in most locations across the country. Given the fact that the Internet of Things and related equipment is expected to become more prominent and less expensive moving forward, it’s easy to see a future where instead of investing upfront in their own robotics solutions, businesses of all types simply outsource the job to a qualified third party provider. 

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