The Pioneer Approach to Customized Industrial Automation and Robotics


Pioneer Industrial Systems (PIS) is a company that specializes in industrial automation and robotics. We design and build custom machines and systems that can perform various tasks such as material removal, material handling, paint and spray, assembly, and machining. We use robots and artificial intelligence to improve the workplace by automating the dangerous, dirty, and dull jobs. 

Pioneer Industrial Systems has served different industries that need high-quality and efficient solutions for their production needs. Some of the industries that we have worked with are:


  • Automotive: Pioneer Industrial Systems has delivered robotic solutions for various automotive applications such as machine tending, sanding, adhesive dispensing, flame treatment, and spray systems. We have helped automotive manufacturers improve safety, productivity, quality, and profitability by automating the processes that involve handling heavy and complex parts, applying precise and consistent coatings, and reducing errors and waste. 
  • Tire: Pioneer Industrial Systems has created innovative products for the tire industry such as the RTS2000i, RTS1000i, DTS1000i, HTS100i, and HTS100io. These are tire spraying systems that use robots and vision systems to apply different types of coatings on green tires. We have helped tire manufacturers enhance the appearance, performance, and durability of their tires by ensuring uniform and accurate coverage, reducing material consumption, and increasing throughput. 
  • Paint and Spray: Pioneer Industrial Systems has provided paint and spray solutions for various industries such as automotive, tire, furniture, aerospace, and more. PIS has used robots and rail systems to create flexible and versatile spray systems that can handle different types of products, shapes, and sizes. We have helped our customers achieve high-quality and consistent finishes, reduce overspray and emissions, and save time and money. 
  • General Industry: Pioneer Industrial Systems has also worked with other industries that need automation and robotics for their specific applications. We have designed and built machines and systems that can do tasks such as deflashing, drilling, tapping, assembly, and more. We have helped our customers overcome their unique challenges, optimize their processes, and enhance their competitiveness. 


Pioneer Industrial Systems stands as a premier force in the realm of industrial automation and robotics. Our commitment to designing and constructing customized machines and systems, employing cutting-edge technology like robots and artificial intelligence, has propelled us to the forefront of innovation.


Having collaborated with diverse industries, including automotive, tire, paint and spray, and general manufacturing, we’ve consistently delivered high-quality and efficient solutions. From enhancing safety and productivity in automotive manufacturing to revolutionizing tire coating processes and providing flexible spray systems for various applications, we’ve left an indelible mark.


Our team of passionate engineers and machine builders is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges of each industry, optimizing processes, and exceeding customer expectations. Pioneer Industrial Systems is not just a provider of automation solutions; we are your partner in transforming workplaces, elevating efficiency, and setting new standards in industrial excellence.  


Contact our team to learn more about our automation and robotics tailored to your industry’s specific needs!