Robotics Integration

Since 2007, Pioneer is proud to be an authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator.


Through the years we have successfully implemented hundreds of robots.


From advanced 3D vision to trigonometry in karel, from line tracking to complex tool changes, from material handling to paint, we have a breadth of experience that few integrators can match.


Check out the case studies below that highlight some of our capabilities.


RTS2000 image

RTS2000i Case Study

  • See how our precision fluid delivery system was paired with the amazing accuracy and flexibility of robotics.


Robotic Flame Treatment Case Study

  • See how Pioneer combined a robot with a flame to help improve safety and increase efficiency, all while solving a customer’s adhesion problem.


Robotic Sanding Cell Case Study

  • See how Pioneer increased safety and throughput by implementing a robotic sanding unit, with force sensing and automatic tool changing.