At Pioneer, our mission is to sell, engineer, and build quality industrial robotics and automation systems to completion while adhering to our core values, that deliver profits, create and maintain jobs, and help our customers be more competitive.  

We take pride in building lasting relationships with our customers rooted in delivering dependable machines and service that exceeds their expectations. Our sales and innovation teams work with the customer to define the project’s scope and design a system best suited for their application. When an order is received, the project is handed off to the engineering and build teams, which bring your concept to reality. We feel it is essential for our sales team to stay engaged with the customer throughout the project timeline 

This handoff occurs during the initial kick-off meeting. In this meeting, we share all documentation, review the project scope in detail, and introduce the customer contact. We believe that transparency is vital. We achieve that by providing customers with access to a cloud-based link to a live project schedule, drawings and schematics, picture and video updates, project notes, and other important documents. By implementing weekly or biweekly meetings at the customers convenience, we keep communication lines open and alleviate many stresses.  

The sales team provides an estimated lead time for the project in the original customer proposal. Project management uses that timeline to construct project milestones and target dates to meet the overall project deadline. Often our customers have a scheduled shutdown period to commission a system; it is paramount we hit our dates to ensure we ship on time, on budget, and complete.  

A custom system is designed and engineered once an order is received. As an option, we offer preliminary engineering, which includes a detailed concept and simulation to ascertain additional information for the customer to analyze and determine if the project will be deemed a success or justifiable.  

Once the initial engineering is complete, we submit drawings for approval by the customer. Depending on the project scope, these typically include a layout drawing, pneumatic and electrical schematics, and any relevant mechanical drawings. Once the project is approved, we get to work sourcing materials, starting with the long lead items such as the robot. Sometimes, this is already identified in the preliminary engineering and can be ordered before approval to speed up the project timeline.  

We fabricate, machine, and powder coat the steel components, parts, and pieces. Purchased components are received, and our expert manufacturing team gets to work. We assemble the project on our floor, keeping a close eye on quality and delivery dates. We build our electrical panels in-house and then field wire the assembled machine’s devices back to the main panel. Then, we test everything to ensure it is built to our high standards.  

Once the machine is built and wired, programming will then input the code that brings the system to life. We extensively test and debug the system to ensure it works as designed, is easy to use and understand, and can recover from any hiccups that inevitably arise in the field.  

As our standard, we invite the customer into our facility for a run-off to the predetermined specifications. This visit allows the system to run in an emulated production setting. Occasionally a punch list is generated in which the items are completed, documented, and signed-off.  

Once we have met all the customers requirements, the machine is disassembled and prepared for shipment.  Often, our installation crew will install the machine at our customer’s facility. An engineer will come on-site to integrate the new machine to the customer’s existing system and provide training to operators, maintenance staff, and/or plant engineers.  

After the sale, we proudly support the system with service trips, training, and lightning-fast spare parts.  

Our passion and expertise are engrained in designing and building robotics and automation systemsOur teams innovation and dedication are represented through every machine that leaves our facility. We hope you will let Pioneer help you succeed with your next automation project.  

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