One of the common misconceptions about industrial automation in any form is that it’s destined to replace human employees entirely. Yes, it’s true that over the course of the next decade, technology will advance to the point where a certain number of jobs will no longer be necessary – such is the nature of the ever-evolving world of business. 

But really, robotics automation is about the entirely opposite idea. It’s not about pushing people away – it’s about bringing people and technology closer together, all by way of solutions that allow both to operate at their best, no matter what. This is true in a plethora of different ways that are certainly worth a closer look.  

Modern Technology Meets the Modern Workforce 

As stated, it’s a common misconception that industrial robotics in general are all about replacing human employees. Rather, the goal is quite the opposite – you’re supporting and empowering them. Not only that, but today’s technology has made it easier – and safer – for humans and robots to operate efficiently in the same environment, creating the best possible scenario for everyone involved.  

Think about all of the different things that robotics automation is capable of under the right conditions. In a construction-based environment, these tools can be used for things like material removal and surface treatment. They can even be used to handle heavy materials so that human employees don’t have to, thus removing them from a situation that could be potentially dangerous. 

In the automotive industry, they can be used for everything from painting, dispensing materials, spraying, and more – all while working with very precise components. 

For a business, the benefits of this are twofold. Number one, they get consistent, repeatable results every single time. If a robot is tasked with painting something like a car door that is coming off a manufacturing line, you can be confident knowing that you’re going to get the same result every single time. 

But more than that, the human employees in the environment are free to focus on more important matters – ones that drive revenue for the business itself. 

That’s why robotics automation is ultimately the way of the future. Not because we’re staring down a timeline where factory floors and other industrial environments are nothing but robots working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Instead, it’s about a situation where the best that modern technology has to offer lets people with talent, skill and passion operate at peak efficiency at all times. It’s good for employees and it’s even better for business owners – and that really is what this new industrial revolution is all about.  

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