Guidance for SME’s Considering Robotic Automation

The automation environment for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) differs from the large companies with robotic automation on a large scale.  The SME typically has smaller production runs and needs to quickly change over their lines for the next product.  The ability to redeploy a robotic cell is desired.

The robotic industry is aware of this barrier and is addressing it in several ways.  A new line of collaborative robots featuring simpler programming interfaces is emerging, an additional advantage is they can work alongside the operators without the safety fencing required for an industrial robot.   This can work within the limitations on operating speed and load capacity.

Solving the conundrum of requiring the capacity of an industrial robot and rapid redeployment will require the SME to have access to the skills of robot programing either through an integrator or hiring staff.  One way to make this easier is to select a single robot manufacturer as the programming languages differ amongst brands.

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