Green Tire Spraying Solutions

Green Tire Spraying Solutions

When seeking a solution for green tire spraying several factors must be considered: especially, the size range of tires, number of tires per day to be sprayed, and the production mix.  At Pioneer Industrial Systems we have developed a range of green tire spray machines to meet the specific requirements of your production environment.  Let’s take a look at what we offer. 

Pioneer has developed a solution for anything from manually loaded machines useful for high mix, low volume specialty tires to fully automatic machines for passenger and truck tires 

Passenger tires typically represent the highest daily production quantities.  For these tires, our machines are designed to adjust “on the fly” to the different sizes presented to the spray cell.  Our Precision Fluid Delivery System (PFDS) includes a tire dimension measurement system.  This geometric information instructs the spray controls to automatically adjust the fan pattern and volume sprayed to assure the specified coverage automatically.   

We offer two high-capacity solutions for passenger tires: the DTS1000i is a conveyor fed rotating turret design, while the RTS1000i is a robot arm design.  Each can be equipped with our PFDS system.   

For truck tires we offer the same machine configurations as passenger, but they are scaled to handle the heavier tire weight.  As with passenger the DTS2000i and RTS2000i can be equipped with the PFDS. 

In many cases manually loaded machines make sense.  We see this in specialty tires where they are light enough to handle and typically built in a high mix, low volume production runs.  Our manual machines can handle tires loaded horizontally (HTS100i) or vertically (VTS100i).   

Looking for larger tire sizes for AG, Aero, or Off-Road?  We have solutions for those too.  At Pioneer we are here to help you with selecting the optimum machine for your application.  As these are all our designs and with 30 plus years of experience in the tire industry, we can modify them specific to your requirements.  When you are ready contact us at for a consultation. 

Optional Table: 

ModelBead Dia. ODTire Wt. MaxTires/hourLoading 

HTS100i12” – 24” 36” max85 lbs.180Manual 

VTS100i10” – 24”36” max120 lbs.180Manual 

DTS1000i12” – 24”39.5” max120 lbs.720Automatic 

DTS2000i16” – 26.5”52” max250 lbs.360Automatic 

RTS1000i10” – 26”39” max100 lbs.360Robotic 

RTS2000i12” – 28”50” max340 lbs.240Robotic 

Find out more about our patented PFDS (Precision Fluid Delivery System) that is integrated with all of our green tire spraying solutions – PFDS (Precision Fluid Delivery System)