General Industry

General Industry has its own unique challenges, due to its breadth and variance of product. We have experience in everything from popcorn tins to personal watercrafts. Our expertise in automation can help your operation become more competitive by freeing up labor, reducing scrap, and improving quality.




General Industry Case Studies

Check out our case studies below that highlight our capabilities within this industry:



P250 Rail Robot Replacement

Case Study: P250 Rail Robot Replacement

See how we reduced downtime and saved material costs by upgrading two rail-mounted paint robots and performing a major software update.



Robotic X-ray Tending

Case Study: Robotic X-ray Tending

See how we increased throughput and eliminated a bottleneck, using a robot in the face of tight budget and timeline constraints.



Robotic Sanding Cell

Robotic Deflash Case Study

See how Pioneer increased output and safety while having the capability to run multiple parts.  



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